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Our current project is developing the core system for the Mercury Insurance Policy and Claims Processing System - we are building out its base functionality as well as adding an advanced API to facilitate the fastest possible times to live.
Our people come from various backgrounds including insurance, banking, and telecommunications. However, our key people have been heavily involved in the insurance industry and have decades of experience in P&C Insurance.
We are utilizing the latest technologies including building the core system from the ground up in node.js. Our screens use CSS Grid which was released in early 2018 to help systems display well in both mobile and computer environments.
We are using a 100% automated test first process which requires all lines of code to be executed and tested before they pass to QA. Our automated testing process ensures the systems and their modifications work before humans ever look at a single change!

What is i18n and L10n? Why should I care?

To answer the question, we should first talk about L10n first. L10n is the process of adapting a product, application, or document to meet the language, cultural, and other requirements of a specific target market (a "locale"). The abbreviation of L10n comes from the word "Localization" where the first letter is "L" and the last letter is "n" and there are 10 letters in between. The concept of making a system "Localized" is taking an English developed system and allowing it to display (for example) Spanish language text in its place.

i18n comes from the word "Internationalization" where the first letter is "I" and the last letter is "n" with 18 characters in between. So, you may ask, isn't internationalization and localization the same? Actually, NO!

There is a lot of confusion because these concepts are relatively new as well as...

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Sean Pitcher - CEO of Quick Silver Systems, Inc. explains the difference between i18n and L10n.
Quick Silver Systems, Inc will attend the 2019 DigIN Conference May 29th - 31st 2019
Quick Silver Systems releases the OFAC Compliance API.
Quick Silver Systems releases the Mercury System Password API.
Quick Silver Systems wishes Michal Junasek a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The Quick Silver Systems - Mercury System now supports VIN Decodification for all vehicles from 1981 to present as a PART of the core system and software maintenance!
We have completed our visual screen designer which allows us to develop screens in 100% CSS Grid which allows for custom layouts between mobile and computer devices.
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