MercuryPolicy & Claims Processing System

A state of the art policy and claims processing system built on the latest technologies; specifically for multi-device access and use. Built from the ground up for insurance by experienced insurance people to support ANY line of business.

MercuryRate, quote, bind, make payments, report claims, and more from any cell phone

Mercury was designed to be fully accessible and used how and where your users need to access the system. Agents, policy holders, and internal personnel can use any device from anywhere in the world to access the 100% web based system.


Mercury displays vital data to your internal users as a dashboard. Dashboards allow your management team to have the "pulse" of the organization at their fingertips anytime and from anywhere.

Insurance Policy Management SystemFor ManagementFeatures that matter

Managing an Insurance Company requires not only a good team but up to date and accurate data. To compete managers need to be able to make decisions and act quickly with the confidence that the system can handle whatever they throw at it. Managers need a system that supports not only providing the right data quickly but a system that can be modified to take advantage of market changes within a moments notice. Features like visual design of new screens and reports make changes simple to implement. High quality Dashboards provide real time information and allow management to have the "heartbeat" of the business by monitoring critical metrics that bring focus to potential issues in real time.
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Insurance Policy Accounting SystemFor   AccountingFeatures that matter

Accounting within an Insurance Company is critical to not only staying profitable but maintaining compliance within this highly regulated field. Accounting needs accuracy, security, audit ability, and control of every facet of the business and its finances without sacrificing business agility or creating unnecessary work for others. Interfaces to accounting systems, banking, credit card processors, automated check writing and approval processes and acceptance of third party feeds such as lock box are critical to reducing workload and chances of human error while also improving accuracy of vital financial information.
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Insurance Policy Underwriting SystemFor UnderwritersFeatures that matter

Underwriters need to be able to quickly and accurately rate, quote, bind, and collect payments while maintaining quality that meets the company guidelines for new and renewal business. Underwriting is not only the first line of defense to writing business but they also need to efficiently serve agents, policy holders, and follow-up for missing or incomplete information. Underwriters need a system that automates a wide variety of day to day activities without sacrificing the control and decision making that these insurance savvy people have been hired for.
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Insurance Policy SystemFor MarketingFeatures that matter

Insurance company marketing can cover a wide range of activities be it supporting: captive agencies, independent agents, or direct marketing to policyholders - marketing needs a system that is flexible to implement new ideas quickly, robust enough to handle the growth that focused marketing brings, and easy enough to use that little or no field training is necessary to start submitting business. Agents and Policyholders want to do business with a company they can trust and provides the tools needed to self service the majority of their policy needs day or night. Features like true SMS bill reminders and payment collection via SMS, self service for policy forms and ID cards, and the ability to manage, access, and even request changes to their policy information from anywhere and at any time are all features that most agents and policyholders expect from todays web based systems. Mercury provides all of these features and many more!
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Insurance Claims Processing SystemFor ClaimsFeatures that matter

Claims is responsible for paying claims accurately while protecting the company from potential fraud. While this sounds like a fairly straight forward job description there are many moving parts and data to be collected from various sources and at various times. The accurate processing of a claim REQUIRES a system like the Mercury Claims Processing System. Features like claim diary and notes, 3rd party payee tracking with 1099 generation at the end of the year, multiple check writing privilege levels, 3rd party interfaces for claims processing, adjusting, and appraisals, as well as the ability to quickly verify coverages, track indemnity and expenses (for example: by coverage and by vehicle for Automobile policies) as well as salvage, subrogation, and deductible collection.
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Insurance Policy Information Technology SystemFor Information TechnologyFeatures that matter

Information Technology within an insurance company not only needs a system that provides wide accessibility but it must be secure, reliable, support various environments, deployment configurations, and offer complete audit and trace capabilities while protecting personal information. The Mercury System uses the latest technologies and allows full access to IT to actually see what goes on "under the hood" - implementing custom APIs and new features are as simple as developing in node.js using the MVC (Model, View, Controller) logic. System features can be added quickly! Development for the Mercury System uses a sophisticated Continuous Integration process and an agile development methodology - so code changes are integrated AUTOMATICALLY once they are checked into GitHub and then automatically subjected to a FULL REBUILD, then unit, and functional testing occurs so modifications are not only delivered quickly but are well tested before a human ever looks at the final compiled system. Our process significantly reduces the time to live for code changes and eliminates common errors encountered in deploying system modifications.
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When we needed to replace our aging system we wanted to be sure that whatever we replaced it with had all the features we were already used to having but would operate on multiple platforms and devices. With the Mercury Policy & Claims Processing System we not only support all the latest devices; but we are confident that this system that will grow with our organization for many years to come!
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